Crafting Heritage: A Legacy Since 1939

Since the start of Bakker Hydraulic Products in 1939, under the visionary leadership of Klaas Bakker and in 1950 of Gusella under the skilled leadership of Enzo Gusella both companies have been pioneers in the realm of hydraulic attachments. Originally known as Gusella and Bakker Hydraulic, our journey has been one of continuous innovation and growth.


Two leaders

Enzo Gusella and Klaas and later on Harm Bakker, three great men with a shared passion for excellence, laid the foundation for what would become synonymous with quality and reliability in the industry. For decades, both companies specialized in providing top-notch attachments for cranes and excavators, earning the trust of customers worldwide.


Uniting two companies

In 2014, the torch was passed as Harm Bakker assumed ownership of both companies, uniting their legacies under his stewardship. This marked a significant chapter in our history, as we continued to uphold the values of integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The future

in 2024, we embark on a new chapter as Anders Invest becomes the proud new owner of Gusella and Bakker Hydraulic Products. With this transition, we announced the merger of our brands under the unified name Gusella Bakker.

This union represented more than just a change in ownership; it signified a commitment to furthering our legacy of excellence. Together, we are poised to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation, delivering unparalleled attachment solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and customer satisfaction. With Gusella Bakker, you can trust in a heritage of excellence that spans generations.