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Welcome to Gusella Bakker: Where Quality Meets Dedication

 At Gusella Bakker, our legacy dates back to 1939, and throughout our journey, one thing has remained constant – our unwavering dedication to you, our valued customer. We proudly declare, “We are attached to you,” as your needs and satisfaction drive our every move.


Safety and Ease: Our Core Beliefs:

Our mission goes beyond just producing attachments; we aim to keep people safe and make jobs less physically demanding. This philosophy is evident in every attachment we craft. Meticulous attention from our designers, welders, and assembly experts ensures that each product not only meets stringent safety standards but is also easy to maintain.

Your Feedback Shapes Our Progress

You, our customer, are paramount. We don’t just stop at delivering attachments; we listen to your experiences and feedback. Your satisfaction is music to our ears, but we don’t rest there. We actively seek ways to improve, valuing your input as the catalyst for positive change. Your feedback goes straight to our designers, and if there’s a way to enhance our products based on your insights, we embrace it wholeheartedly.


Craftsmanship and Quality Steel

Ensuring the highest quality means using premium materials. We employ several types of high-quality steel, and by handling the entire production process in-house, we maintain full control over quality standards. Our production department is staffed by seasoned professionals, complemented by a continuous learning environment. Interns under the guidance of our experienced team contribute to preserving knowledge and expertise for generations to come.


Experience Gusella Bakker Excellence

Explore our range of attachments and experience the Gusella Bakker commitment to quality and innovation. We’re not just crafting attachments; we’re crafting solutions tailored to your needs.