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Unlock the true potential of your forklift with Gusella Bakker’s innovative forklift attachments.

Our flagship product, the Grabit, transforms your forklift into a miniature crane, opening up a world of possibilities for lifting and handling operations in confined spaces. With Gusella Bakker, your forklift becomes a versatile and powerful tool.


Introducing Grabit: Your Miniature Crane Solution


The Grabit is the cornerstone of our forklift attachment product line. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your forklift, it empowers your equipment to reach new heights, literally. This compact attachment allows you to utilize a crane in locations where traditional cranes cannot operate, providing unmatched flexibility and efficiency.


Versatility at Your Fingertips


What sets Grabit apart is its adaptability. Once attached to your forklift, the Grabit becomes a platform for various crane attachments, turning your forklift into a multifunctional lifting solution. Whether you need a grab, an orange peel grab, a hoisting hook, or vacuum pads – the Grabit accommodates them all. This flexibility ensures that your forklift is ready for any lifting challenge that comes its way.

Key Features

  1. Miniature Crane Capability: Elevate your forklift’s functionality with the Grabit, turning it into a powerful miniature crane.


  1. Confined Space Access: Tackle lifting tasks in tight or restricted spaces with ease, where conventional cranes struggle to reach.


  1. Adaptable Attachment Platform: Mount various crane attachments such as grabs, orange peel grabs, hoisting hooks, and vacuum pads to meet diverse lifting needs.


  1. Enhanced Efficiency: Optimize your operations by having a versatile lifting solution at your disposal, eliminating the need for additional specialized equipment.


Why Gusella Bakker?

At Gusella Bakker, we are committed to innovation and providing solutions that redefine the capabilities of your forklift. Our Grabit forklift attachment is a testament to our dedication to excellence, offering unmatched versatility and efficiency for your lifting operations.


Empower your forklift, elevate your productivity – Gusella Bakker is here to revolutionize the way you approach lifting challenges. Choose Gusella Bakker, where innovation meets reliability, and let your forklift be truly “Attached to You, Empowering Your Lift.”

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