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Unlock Efficiency with our Gejo Systems for Environmental Containers

In the ever-expanding world of environmental containers, finding the right hoisting and emptying solution is crucial. At Gusella Bakker we understand the diversity of these containers and offer a wide range of Gejo systems to cater to your specific needs.


Global Expertise in Container Solutions

With environmental containers gaining popularity worldwide, our experience spans from the early adoption of these containers in our home country to serving customers globally. We’ve refined our expertise over the years, producing top-notch attachments tailored for efficiently emptying these containers.


Certified Excellence

Choose from our extensive selection of Gejo systems, all equipped with CE declaration and, when asked for, the required hoisting certificate. We understand the importance of safety, and our commitment to a save work environment is reflected in the meticulous engineering of each system. We offer annual updates for hoisting certificates, ensuring your equipment remains compliant and safe.

Versatility in Lifting

 From the Gejo 01 system, ideal for mushroom containers, to the robust Gejo 28, our systems prioritize safety without compromising efficiency. Capable of lifting containers with up to three hooks in most configurations, our Gejo systems evolve with the market. As new environmental containers emerge with unique configurations, we continue to innovate and introduce new systems to meet those demands.


Explore Your Options

Check out the range of Gejo systems below, each designed to elevate your container-handling capabilities. If you require assistance in choosing the system that best suits your needs or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to provide the answers and solutions you’re looking for.

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