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Unleash Industrial Excellence with Our Dynamic Attachments

In the realm of industry, precision is paramount, and we understand that every task demands the right tools. At Gusella Bakker, we present a diverse range of attachments tailored for industrial use, from clamshell grabs to multi-purpose grabs and orange peel grabs – each designed with a keen focus on safety and durability.



Versatility Across Applications

The industrial sector spans a multitude of applications, from handling cow skins in the leather industry to efficiently clearing scrap from factory containers. Our attachments are versatile, adaptable, and equipped to handle the unique demands of your industrial processes.

A Size for Every Need

Industrial tasks come in all sizes, and so do our attachments. From a compact 37-liter grab to a substantial 10,000-liter grab, or a small 120-liter orange peel grab to a big 2,200-liter orange peel grab, we have the perfect fit for your requirements.



No Crane? No Problem

If you do not have a crane, our innovative solution, the Grab-it forklift attachment, transforms any 2 to 3-ton forklift into a miniature crane. Ideal for spaces with limited height where traditional cranes cannot be placed, the Grab-it ensures you can access those hard-to-reach spots with ease.



Explore Your Possibilities

To delve deeper into the attachment group that aligns with your needs, click on the section below that sparks your interest. Our commitment is to provide you with the information and solutions necessary to elevate your industrial operations.