• Recycling

Revolutionize Recycling Operations with Our Dynamic Attachments

In the bustling world of recycling, moving loads, whether big or small, is a critical aspect of the job. At Gusella Bakker we’ve engineered a diverse range of attachments to meet the unique demands of the recycling industry, ensuring efficiency and versatility.


Diverse Applications:

In the recycling industry, the challenge lies in moving loads of various sizes and materials, from hefty scrap to more manageable loads like plastic. Our wide array of attachments is designed to tackle every aspect of the job, providing solutions for your specific material handling needs.

Innovative Products for Every Task:

Explore our product lineup, ranging from the groundbreaking SCE Scrap King to the robust GIE grab and the compact Spider King and BDV. Each product is a result of years of experience and continuous innovation, incorporating not only our expertise but also the valuable insights gained from your experiences in the field.


Certified Excellence

Rest assured, all our products come with a CE declaration, reflecting our commitment to quality and compliance. We understand that reliability is key in the recycling industry, and our attachments are engineered to meet and exceed your expectations.



Your Gateway to Efficiency

To delve deeper into the attachment group that aligns with your recycling needs, click on the section below that has your interest. We believe in creating solutions that streamline your operations and contribute to the efficiency of your recycling processes.