• Hystory

    Over eighty years of experience

Two families became one

1939 - Bakker: A Legacy Takes Shape

In 1950, Bakker Hydraulic Products began when Klaas Bakker acquired an agricultural mechanization company, swiftly transitioning to building equipment for earthmoving machinery and lorry loading cranes.

1950 - Gusella: A Visionary Beginning

Gusella was founded during the economic boom of the late 1950s, a period when the construction industry demanded innovative apparatus and equipment to keep up with its evolving needs.

1958 - Diversification and Transformation

In 1958, Enzo Gusella made a pivotal decision to diversify production, shifting from building farm machinery to manufacturing lifting equipment and machinery for moving rubble and waste.

1969 - Pioneering Innovation

With a constant focus on problem-solving and investment in research and development, the company achieved remarkable milestones. In 1969, Gusella introduced the world’s first orange peel grab with a structural base frame, revolutionizing the industry by protecting flexible hoses and hydraulic components.

1969 - Second Generation Leadership

In 1969, Klaas Bakker’s son, Harm, joined the business, bringing his design and building expertise. Specializing in grabs, Harm designed a multipurpose grab with a horizontal cylinder, propelling the company’s growth unexpectedly.

1979 - Growth and Relocation

In 1979, Bakker Hydraulic Products moved to Huissen. However, the company’s remarkable growth under the leadership of Harm Bakker outpaced the available space in Huissen.

1989 - Another Relocation

In 1989, recognizing the need for more space to accommodate its continued expansion, Bakker Hydraulic Products relocated once again, this time to Elst. This strategic move, led by Harm Bakker, provided the necessary room for further development. Alongside grabs, the company expanded its portfolio to include GEJO systems for emptying environmental containers.

2014 - Milestone Celebration

In 2014, Bakker Hydraulic Products celebrated its 75th anniversary, marking over 75 years of success. At that time, both Gusella – Bakker and Bakker Hydraulic Products stood as ideal partners for various equipment for truck-mounted cranes, excavators, and material handling machines specializing in moving loose materials.

2024 - Unified Strength: Gusella Bakker

In 2024, Anders Invest became the proud owner of Gusella Bakker and Bakker Hydraulic Products, uniting their strengths under the single name “Gusella Bakker.” This unified entity, backed by the ownership of Anders Invest, represents a harmonized commitment to expertise and shared values. With decades of combined experience, Gusella Bakker stands ready for the future, embodying a legacy of innovation and excellence.