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Unmatched Safety and Durability in Orange Peel Grabs

Experience the pinnacle of safety and durability with our range of orange peel grabs, from the compact SHM to the powerful Scrap King SCE. At Gusella Bakker our commitment to safety goes beyond the grab itself.

Revolutionary Oil Distributor

Say goodbye to traditional hoses between the rotator and the grab—our specially designed oil distributor eliminates them entirely. This not only streamlines operations but also minimizes the risk of material damage to these crucial components.

Internal Hose Placement for Extra Protection

 To further safeguard your equipment, our design ensures that the remaining hoses between the oil distributor and cylinders are placed internally. Easy access is maintained through dismountable protection plates, ensuring both security and convenience.

Triple-Layered Protection

In the rare event of a double failure, our optional non-return valve acts as a third line of defense. We prioritize safety at every level, ensuring that your operations remain secure under all circumstances.

High-Quality, Durable Steel

 Safety is paramount, but durability is also crucial. Our orange peel grabs are crafted from high-quality, durable steel, capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. We understand the challenges your equipment faces, and we ensure it’s always up to the task.

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Discover the full spectrum of our orange peel grabs by clicking on the models below. Each one is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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