Grab Types

Decades of Expertise, Innovation and Dedication to Your Success


With over half a century of refining our craft in building attachments, especially grabs of all shapes and sizes, we are not just a supplier – we are your reliable partner. Our confidence in providing the best grab for your needs is rooted in a rich history of experience and a steadfast commitment to innovation.


Versatility Across Applications:


Our grabs are versatile workhorses, from digging in soil and sand to effortlessly lifting driving plates. There’s virtually no task our grabs can’t handle, and for those rare exceptions, we offer specialized accessories to transform your grab into a solution for any job.


Products Engineered for Excellence:


From the world’s first multi-purpose grab to our distinctive orange peel grabs, our designs are anchored in simple principles. Safety is paramount, reliability is non-negotiable, and durability is inherent in every product we supply. We build attachments that stand the test of time.



Customer-Centric Approach:


We listen to our customers, offering a range of attachments to choose from. Whether you need an orange peel grab or a multi-purpose grab, we’ve got you covered, from small to large. Picking up driving plates? We have three options to suit your needs – add a driving plate kit, use our time-tested driving plate clamp, or opt for the innovative flexible lifter with suction grip.


Continuous Innovation for You:


Our commitment to improvement is relentless. We stay ahead by incorporating new insights and market developments into our products. Your needs drive our innovation, and our mission is clear: to build the safest, most reliable, and durable attachments for your specific job.


Your Success is Our Priority:


If you need assistance in choosing the right grab or have any questions, we’re here for you. As firm believers in excellent service, we are ready to guide you towards the perfect solution tailored to your requirements.