Transform Your Forklift into a Crane

In a market filled with options, GRABIT stands out as a truly unique product – the only forklift attachment capable of transforming your forklift into a small crane. This revolutionary capability opens a world of possibilities, allowing you to mount a diverse range of attachments to your forklift, from small orange peel grabs and multi-purpose grabs to hooks and vacuum pads.



Unleash Versatility with Ease:


GRABIT redefines the role of your forklift by seamlessly converting it into a small crane. The adaptability of this attachment empowers you to tackle a myriad of tasks with precision and efficiency. Whether you need to handle diverse materials or execute specialized lifting operations, GRABIT is the ultimate solution.



Wide Variety of Attachments:


Experience the freedom to choose from a wide variety of attachments that suit your specific needs. Whether it’s a small orange peel grab for scrap or leather, a multi-purpose grab for versatile applications, a hook for lifting, or a vacuum pad for secure handling – GRABIT transforms your forklift into a dynamic and customizable tool.

Innovation at Your Fingertips:


GRABIT isn’t just an attachment; it’s a testament to innovation. Elevate the capabilities of your forklift beyond traditional expectations and explore the possibilities that come with turning it into a small crane. Efficiency, precision, and adaptability are just a GRABIT away.



Explore the GRABIT Advantage:


Discover the unique advantages that GRABIT brings to your operations. Transform your forklift into a multi-purpose crane and redefine what’s possible in material handling.