GRI Rotators:

GRI Rotators:

Unleashing Power and Precision

Discover the exceptional strength of our GRI Rotators, meticulously engineered to redefine power and precision for your heavy-duty tasks. Available in four robust models, spanning from 12 to 40 tons, these swivel-ring rotators elevate the performance of your attachments to unparalleled heights.


Engineered for Resilience:


Crafted for seamless integration with larger (Orange Peel) Grabs like the SCE and GIE, the GRI Rotators are designed for resilience in the most challenging environments. The welding-free assembly of seven structural parts ensures enduring strength, minimizing the risk of structural damage in unpredictable situations.


Compact Efficiency with Innovative Design:


Combine the GRI Rotator with your grab for a winning tandem. The innovative design not only enhances efficiency but also reduces risk of damage in harsh work environments.

Maximum Protection, Maximum Performance:


In the face of rough conditions, the GRI Rotators prioritize protection. Safeguarding the hydraulic connection to your grab, by our own designed integrated special rotating distributer these rotators ensure strength and durability, standing strong in the harshest work environments.



Embark on a journey with GRI Rotators and witness unparalleled strength, precision, and durability for your most demanding tasks. Elevate your operations with rotators designed for excellence.

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