RotaQ quick change system

RotaQ quick change system

Revolutionize Your Attachment Changes

Introducing the RotaQ Quick Change System – a game-changer in attachment altering. Change your attachment swiftly, safely, and without any oil leakage with this innovative system. Experience the convenience of changing attachments in seconds while keeping the crane operator at a safe distance.


Key Features


Operator Safety


Keep the crane operator at a safe distance during attachment changes, prioritizing safety in every operation.


Swift Attachment Changes


The RotaQ system allows you to change attachments in a matter of seconds, optimizing your operational efficiency.

Clean and Leak-Free


Say goodbye to oil leakage hassles. The RotaQ ensures a clean and seamless attachment change process, enhancing workplace safety.


Embrace the future of attachment handling with the RotaQ Quick Change System – the revolutionary solution for fast, clean, and safe attachment changes.

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