SCE (HD) ScrapKing:

SCE (HD) ScrapKing:

Royal Strength Redefined

SCE ScrapKing: The Standard-Bearer of Strength


Meet the SCE ScrapKing, our royal orange peel grab designed  for excavators. With a remarkable capacity ranging from 400 to an impressive 2200 liters, this grab has rightfully earned its title as the ScrapKing.


Key Features:


Innovative Central Base Design:


The ScrapKing boasts an innovative central base design, combining strength with protective features for all internal components, including cylinders. This design minimizes downtime, ensuring optimal performance.


Versatile Capacity Options:


Available in a range of capacities, starting from 400 liters up to an extensive 2200 liters, the SCE ScrapKing adapts to various material handling needs.

GRI Rotator Integration:


Combine the SCE ScrapKing with our GRI Rotator for a winning combination. The GRI Rotator enhances the grab’s capabilities, making it ready to tackle even the toughest and most challenging jobs.


SCEHD: Exceptional Strength for Demanding Jobs


For jobs that demand exceptional strength, the SCEHD takes the ScrapKing’s capabilities to the next level. The SCEHD inherits all the standard ScrapKing features but is engineered to provide unparalleled strength for tasks that require exceptional power and durability.


Experience the royal performance of the SCE ScrapKing and SCEHD – the ultimate orange peel grabs for excavators, offering unmatched strength and efficiency in every job.

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