SHE Orange Peel Grab:

SHE Orange Peel Grab:

Unleash Efficiency in Scrap Handling

Introducing the SHE Orange Peel Grab, meticulously designed for excavators, specializing in the efficient replacement of scrap, rubble, and waste materials. This grab is a powerhouse, optimized for durability and performance in demanding applications.


Key Features:


Optional Cylinder Covers:


Tailor your SHE Orange Peel Grab to meet your specific needs with optional cylinder covers, providing additional protection and customization.


Thermal Treatment for Exceptional Hardness:


The grab’s teeth tips undergo a special thermal treatment, coupled with the use of high abrasion-resistant steel. This results in exceptional hardness, ensuring durability and sustained performance.

Highly Abrasion-Resistant Steel Construction:


Crafted from high abrasion-resistant steel, the SHE Orange Peel Grab is built to withstand the rigors of scrap handling. Its robust construction guarantees durability in challenging environments.


Compatibility with GRI Rotator:


Enhance the grab’s versatility by combining it with our GRI Rotator, creating a dynamic duo for efficient and controlled material handling.


Unleash Efficiency with SHE Orange Peel Grab


Experience the unparalleled efficiency and strength of the SHE Orange Peel Grab, designed to excel in the precise handling of scrap, rubble, and waste materials.

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