SHM and SHMZ Orange Peel Grabs:

SHM and SHMZ Orange Peel Grabs:

Simplified Efficiency for Lorry Loading Cranes

Discover the efficiency and simplicity of our SHM and SHMZ Orange Peel Grabs, the alternative versions of our esteemed Spiderking line. These orange peel grabs are designed to cater to the fundamental needs of lorry loading cranes, offering practical features and innovative solutions.


Key Features:


Back to Basics Design:


The SHM and SHMZ grabs embrace simplicity, providing a back-to-basics design that caters to the essential requirements of lorry loading cranes.


Innovative Oil Distributor:


Our grabs incorporate an innovative oil distributor, eliminating the need for hoses from the rotator to the grab. This design innovation enhances efficiency while safeguarding the cylinders and associated hoses.

Capacity Range:


Choose from a capacity range of 120 liters to 300 liters, ensuring versatility in handling various loads with precision.


Adaptability to Lorry Loading Cranes and Z Cranes:


While the SHM can easily fit most types of lorry loading cranes, the SHMZ offers additional flexibility by being compatible with Z cranes when folded.


Efficient Handling Made Simple with SHM and SHMZ Grabs


Experience the seamless efficiency and practicality of our SHM and SHMZ Orange Peel Grabs, designed to simplify material handling tasks for lorry loading cranes.

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