Gejo 01

Gejo 01

Presenting the Gejo 01, specifically engineered for efficiently emptying underground environmental containers with a mushroom system, setting the standard as the strongest attachment for this container type in the market.


Boasting an impressive lifting capacity of 5000 kg, the Gejo 01 excels in handling substantial loads with ease. Our commitment to safety is evident through the incorporation of multiple safety systems, minimizing the risk of accidents.


As with most of our attachments, the Gejo 01 comes standard with a non-return valve, preventing container displacement in the event of pressure loss. The second layer of protection is our failure protection system, immediately engaging when lifting the container, securely locking the mushroom and preventing accidental detachment, even under rough handling. A third line of defense is a specially designed profile within the Gejo 01, offering additional protection against accidents.


In essence, we prioritize safety, and the Gejo 01 exemplifies the extent to which we go in designing and producing attachments that prioritize safety above all else.

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