Gejo 28

Gejo 28

Step into a new era of waste container handling with GEJO 28 – the leading hydraulic hook grab for emptying above-ground and underground containers. Electrically operated and meticulously designed, GEJO 28 sets the standard for safety and efficiency.


GEJO 28 offers  versatility with its adjustable width, ensuring precise positioning beneath the loading crane’s lifting point.


Equipped with hydraulic hooks, GEJO 28 prioritizes safety, providing an added layer of assurance for secure and controlled waste container handling.


Integrated with 24V electrical controls, GEJO 28 enables precise and effortless operation, enhancing functionality and reliability in waste container handling.


Backed by a CE certificate, GEJO 28 guarantees compliance with the  quality and safety standards, further solidifying its excellence in waste container handling.


Experience unmatched capabilities with GEJO 28 – not just a tool, but a solution tailored for optimal efficiency in waste container handling.


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