Gejo 20

Gejo 20

Step into a new era of waste container handling with the GEJO 20


– the unrivaled hydraulic lifting device that has secured its position as the leading unit in the market. Engineered for efficiency and precision, this electrically operated device maximizes functionality, ensuring optimal performance in emptying above-ground and underground (3 compartments) waste containers.


Adaptable Width for Seamless Alignment:


Versatility is at the core of the GEJO 20. Its width is laterally adjustable using four hydraulic cylinders, ensuring the container is consistently suspended directly beneath the lorry loading crane’s lifting point. The adjustable hooks span from 240 mm to 440 mm, accommodating a wide variety of containers with ease.


Electrical Precision for Effortless Operation:


The 24V electrical controls enhance functionality, making waste container handling a smooth and controlled process.

Certified Excellence:


Just like all our attachments, the GEJO 20 comes with its own CE certificate, ensuring compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. Additionally, it can be supplied with an optional hoisting certificate, providing an extra layer of assurance for your operations.


Explore Unmatched Performance:


Discover the unparalleled capabilities of the GEJO 20 lifting device. It’s not just a tool; it’s a solution crafted for optimal waste container handling efficiency

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