LHH-4500 F Hydraulic Hoisting Hook:

LHH-4500 F Hydraulic Hoisting Hook:

Unmatched Versatility and Safety

Discover the power and versatility of our LHH-4500 F hydraulic hoisting hook, designed to lift a variety of objects, including environmental containers. This cutting-edge hoisting hook is equipped with a double-acting cylinder for seamless opening and closing.


Safety Beyond Standards:


Engineered to meet and exceed safety standards, the LHH-4500 F comes standard with a controlled non-return valve. This ensures that the hook stays securely closed until the driver signals for it to open, providing an additional layer of safety.


Effortless Hook-Up:


The jaw opening of the LHH-4500 F is intelligently designed for easy and efficient hook-up of the object to be lifted. Streamlining your lifting operations, this feature adds to the overall user-friendly design.

Durable Construction:


The cylinder and valve block are strategically protected to withstand impacts from external objects. Additionally, the LHH-4500 F comes standard with a robust steel jaw plate for effortless lifting of objects.


Universal Compatibility:


The LHH-4500 F can be seamlessly attached to any brand of shaft rotator. The suspension plate, mounted with bolts, ensures compatibility with your existing rotator, providing flexibility and ease of use.


Elevate your lifting capabilities with the LHH-4500 F – a hydraulic hoisting hook that combines versatility, safety, and durability for unparalleled performance.

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