The Ultimate Solution for Road Plate and Dock Board Handling

Introducing the RBRPEZ, a state-of-the-art hydraulic clamp meticulously designed for efficient loading of road plates and dock boards, setting new standards in handling and versatility.


Key Features:


Versatile Z Crane Compatibility:


The RBRPEZ takes versatility to the next level by being compatible with several types of Z cranes. This unique feature allows mounting even when the crane is in a folded position, maximizing flexibility in various operational scenarios.


High-Quality and Wear-Resistant Arms:


Crafted from top-tier, wear-resistant steel, the arms of the RBRPEZ guarantee robustness and extended lifetime, even in demanding conditions.

Non-Return Valve for Load Protection:


Equipped with a non-return valve, the clamp prevents accidental load release, offering enhanced safety during operations, especially when the crane’s pressure drops.


Optimized for Road Plates and Dock Boards:


Specifically tailored for loading road plates and dock boards with a maximum width of 2 meters, this clamp provides precise and secure handling of such materials.

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